Pub Date: 4 June 2023

Author: Robert W. Kirby

Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Thriller

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Her ex is hellbent on destroying her. How far will she go to stop him?”

Vanessa and Curtis have recently moved to the peaceful beach village of Whitstable, seeking an idyllic life. However, their tranquillity is abruptly disrupted when Vanessa's ex-boyfriend, Hayden, unexpectedly re-emerges.

Hayden is not only impolite and unpredictable, with a peculiar sense of humour, but he also seems determined to make Vanessa's life miserable. As Hayden's disruptive actions escalate, Curtis grows suspicious, sensing that there is something peculiarly influential about Hayden's presence over Vanessa.

The question lingers: To what extent will Hayden go to achieve his desires? And how far will Vanessa go to protect her cherished existence from being shattered? The answers lie in the depths of their intertwined lives, where the battle for control and preservation unfolds.

I really enjoyed this book. It's a page-turner with plenty of twists that kept me hooked until the end. Vanessa's secrets added an intriguing layer to the story, and I couldn't wait to uncover the full picture.

The concept of the book is captivating, although there were moments when the pace felt a bit slow. However, I was still driven to find out the whole story and see how things played out. The characters, while unlikeable, had human flaws that made me reflect on my own choices in similar situations. The author's writing style was enjoyable, and I would definitely explore more of their books in the future if the plot caught my attention.

This book was an interesting read that blurred the lines between genres. It had elements of a murder mystery and a touch of the supernatural. The initial chapters were a bit slow, but the pace picked up halfway through. Some parts felt a little awkward or cheesy, particularly the conversations that didn't feel realistic.

At first, the story started out slow, with excessive details that could have been trimmed. However, things picked up around the halfway mark, and unexpected events unfolded. It was a rollercoaster ride with moments of genuine sadness and other moments that bordered on being a bit over the top. Overall, it was a good story that kept me engaged.

"Just when you think you have it all figured out... you don't." This quote perfectly captures the essence of the book. It pulls you into Vanessa's haunting past, where dark secrets resurface, leaving you unsure of who to trust. Robert W. Kirby skilfully captures your attention with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing throughout the story.

NetGalley has once again given me the chance to discover a new book before it hits the shelves, and I'm grateful for that.



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